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British Women Planning Marry Laptop

A British woman has attracted the attention of tens of thousands of visitors YouTube. In the video, the woman said it was like to get married with her own laptop, as soon as possible.
Woman named Hermione Way It forced the government to legalize marriage with a Macbook Pro 17-inch size, which is called by the name of Alex. Way hopes, her marriage to the machine named 'Alex' would be considered official, as well as human marriage.
Documents Way video made recently also explained, he would read the marriage vows with the 'engine partner' it on 31 January.
Was launched by The Sun, Sunday (24/1/2010), later on, 'Alex' will first equipped with the software text to voice translator, so as if he took the oath of marriage, like a bridegroom.
In the video duration was 5 minutes, Way to make sure that she and 'Alex' was never a second apart for a period of two years. Even the birth mother Way also provides support to this daughter.
"We know, Hermione would be ver…

Other Benefits of Tea

In addition to brewing and drinking, the tea proved to have many uses that we can take. Let's together we read, wrote what we can get from this tea.

- Cool sunburned skin
If you forget and wear sunscreen already ria to stand on the beach, of course, we will flush skin burn, how to handle them? Attach only a few wet tea bags, and burning sensation that there will be reduced. This method can also be used to treat minor burns as hot steam hit or hit irons. If the sun burnt skin is very wide, try to soak some tea bags in the tub, and bath!

- Relief eye fatigue
Your eyes are tired, sore or swollen. Will feel comfortable with this way: soak two tea bags in hot water, and stick to your eyes, (covered) for 20 minutes. Tannins in tea will reduce swelling and relieve eye fatigue.

- Reduce pain cuts
For example you forget one put a razor to shave, and consequently you scratched. This scar is usually very painful, the most convenient way is to put wet tea bag in place of injured.

- Black hair
Simple …

Animals Marriage Cross Hybird Results

Intercross not only happening in the world of plants but also in the animal world. Most often we see the intersection of ornamental fish, especially fish to produce ornamental fish or shrimp superior varieties for the purpose of increasing such production to consumption. Hybird animal turned out to not only produced by the process of "laboratory" by the experts but also occurs with the "accidental" in nature.
1. Zebroid = zebra + horse

Zebroid (also called zebra mule or zebrule) is ketrurunan of a zebra crossing with other types of horses: in short this is a zebra hybird. Most of the male is a male zebra.

Descendants of a male donkey and a female zebra called a zebra hinny there but rarely. Zebroid animals have been born since the 19th century. Zebroid in the picture above, the name Eclyse, is one zebroid unusual because the color of his body.

Maybe there who think that the tricks in photoshop, but that's what it is the Eclyse since birth.

2. Liger = Lion + Tiger


Buried 14 Years, Shroud & body Paerah Still Intact

Bantul - Kembangsari village residents, village Srimartani, Piyungan District, Bantul District, Yogyakarta Special Region, on Saturday (26/12/2009), surprised by the findings of a figure's body had been dead for 14 years, but the condition of the body and the cloth is still intact kafannya.
The body is dead Paerah Mrs. died and was buried on October 12, 1995 earlier. Residents accidentally discovered the bodies, when residents were digging grave for the family Paerah, right beside the tomb Paerah.
When the diggers to dredge deep soil about 1.5 meters, they found the body shroud and Paerah in intact condition no defect at all.
Although these findings could scandalize the people around the local village cemetery, residents returned to bury the body immediately Paerah.
"Before people decide to dig graves for the deceased is buried Paerah is one of his brothers," said Ani, the local residents.
Not wanting to cause a prolonged polemic, because the condition shroud still intact not…

City With World's Fastest Internet

Akamai Web monitoring firm released the results of research on cities that have access internetbroadband fastest in the world. Sandy is a city in Utah, United States, which was considered as a city that has a top speed in the world aksesbroadbandtercepat with koneksibandwidth33, 4 megabits per second (Mbps). The city of Beersheva in Israel with the speed of 25.1 Mbps, was named the city with the second highest internet speed . Predicate city with the third fastest internet fell in continental Europe, precisely in the city of Lausanne, Switzerland, with a speed of 24.7 Mbps.Sedangkan country category, South Korea at the top with access speeds average 14.6 Mbps each city. row behind him is Japan with 7.9 Mbps, 7.6 Mbps Hong Kong, Romania 6.2 Mbps, 5.7 Mbps Sweden and Ireland with 5.3 speed Mbps.detikINETkutip of WebUser, Friday (14 / 1 / 2010), average speed of global ratainternet research by Akamai is 1.7 Mbps.

Doomsday Clock advanced Again

Doomsday clock or clock Hour Clock in New York will be promoted more quickly at three o'clock in the afternoon local time today, in the last two years.
This is the hour bell imagery to remind people and to present how closely we approach the catastrophic. This reminder is represented by arriving Clock Doomsday clock to time the mid-night or right at 00:00.
Reported by the Telegraph, Thursday (14/1/2010), at the creation of the scientists who joined in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) was created in 1947, two years after the U.S. lowered the first atomic bomb on Japan in World War II. At that time, when Doomsday Clock was first set seven minutes to midnight.
Throughout the turn rows BAS scientists who also included Professor Stephen Hawking and Nobel recipient of 18 major science, when Doomsday Clock has been changed 18 times.
Acceleration time was recorded among the 1953, time is the Doomsday Clock two minutes into the middle of the night. At that time the Cold War between …

This afternoon, the Sun Eclipse Visible In Sky

On Friday (15/1/2010) This area of Indonesia will be treated to a unique natural events: eclipses of the sun. This is the longest eclipse of the millennium took place ini.Gerhana estimated 11 minutes 8 seconds it will pass the middle of Africa, Indian Ocean, and parts of Indonesia. The point of maximum eclipse will only occur in the Indian Ocean, but the people who live, among others, in Central Africa, Kenya, China, and Myanmar could see the eclipse phase of the ring. The total eclipse penumbra point is reached 333 kilometers. Unfortunately, in Indonesia this natural phenomenon seen only partially or in part. Proportion of greatest eclipse occurred in Aceh which could reach 50 percent. In Jakarta, the Sun will be covered only 11 percent. Some areas in Indonesia that could see the eclipse is Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and parts. Eclipse process that began with the arrival of the shadow of the Moon on Earth's surface will begin at 14:39 pm. Peak eclipse …

Enlarge Penis, Is it dangerous?

NOT a man who has a small P Mr. so afraid I can not satisfy their partner. They were then initiated zoom tool 'war until doubled. Is it dangerous?

According to Prof. Pangkahila SpAnd Wimpie FAACC, genitalia enlarge dangerous course. In addition to anatomy could damage, enlarge Mr. P also causes erectile function disrupted. Impact more dangerous can cause death.

"These problems can happen because who does penile enlargement is not an expert. They usually enlarge the penis with silicone and collagen injections," said Wimpie Legal contacted via cell phone,

Connecting Wimpie statement, Dr. Loetan Ferryal ASC & T MMR SpRM added, to satisfy the couple do not need to enlarge the penis up to 20 cm to 25 cm. Therefore, the depth of the vagina only until 9 cm only.

"The penis of men do not need a big, can actually lead later in the vagina iritas partner," said Ferryal smiling on the sidelines of a seminar at the Hotel Ibis sexuality, Jakarta, recently.

According Ferryal, …

3 species found in Nigeria Ancient Crocodiles

Two scientists announced their latest discovery, three species of ancient crocodile found in Nigeria.
Paul Sereno of the University of Chicago and Hans Larsson of McGill University found crocodile named Kaprosuchus saharicus along 6 feet and has three pairs of tusks like a boar tusks. According to them, millions of years ago this type of crocodile north Africa explore the area.
Not far from there, also found another crocodile named Laganosuchus thaumastos. This crocodile has a wide and flat snout. They generally look for food by hunting fish. In addition to wide bermoncong crocodile, in the region, there are also Araripesuchus rattoides crocodile measuring one meter long. This crocodile has teeth like a rat species and happy eating caterpillars and plants.
"The discovery of this species we will open the windows of the world crocodile that lived in the northern part of the continent," Sereno said, as quoted by the Associated Press, on Friday (20/11/2009).
According to the researc…

The body was forced to Marry

The body is forced Marries
Can you imagine what, if if you are told to marry someone who has died / die? If I myself comatose deh!, Even though that person during his life, was a girlfriend who was there we cintai.Tapi niey strange story about a man with a corpse wedding, but was clear that the guy refused've mentah2 although the girl was once her fiance!! following bit of news .. plus bonus picturenya like d top
Please!! The timid do not have to read!
* News summary
A history teacher doing research, and of course this picture is real and actually exist. Derived from the 1920's, from a village in China. The girl aged 17 years. He comes from a family that was rich, and with the power of money, he managed to get his dreams. The man was 19 years old, and quite popular with the girls because of his beauty.
They were engaged, but the wedding has not officially
done, and the girl die because of high fever in 1922. The man did not want to undergo a traditional ritual to marry someone who h…

The War in Iraq

Iraq war plan, carried out despite getting opposition from all over the world, has been prepared at least a dozen years ago by Israeli strategists. In an attempt to realize the strategy pemecahbelahan attenuation or Arab countries the Middle East, Israel included Egypt, Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia in the next hit list.

When the writing is organized, the United States (U.S.) has started penggempuran against Iraq. Despite the fact that most countries around the world, even most U.S. allies themselves, against it, the U.S. government was determined to continue the plan of attack. When we see what is behind the stubborn attitude of the U.S., then Israel is the only one responsible for the bloodshed and suffering in the Middle East since the early twentieth century. Israeli government policy aimed to divide Iraq has a long historical roots "

Israel plans Split Iraq
Report entitled "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties" (the Israeli strategy in the 1980s), the Hebrew-…