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Other Benefits of Tea

In addition to brewing and drinking, the tea proved to have many uses that we can take. Let's together we read, wrote what we can get from this tea.

- Cool sunburned skin
If you forget and wear sunscreen already ria to stand on the beach, of course, we will flush skin burn, how to handle them? Attach only a few wet tea bags, and burning sensation that there will be reduced. This method can also be used to treat minor burns as hot steam hit or hit irons. If the sun burnt skin is very wide, try to soak some tea bags in the tub, and bath!

- Relief eye fatigue
Your eyes are tired, sore or swollen. Will feel comfortable with this way: soak two tea bags in hot water, and stick to your eyes, (covered) for 20 minutes. Tannins in tea will reduce swelling and relieve eye fatigue.

- Reduce pain cuts
For example you forget one put a razor to shave, and consequently you scratched. This scar is usually very painful, the most convenient way is to put wet tea bag in place of injured.

- Black hair
Simple and cheap, without making you have to pay dearly for the blackening of hair again. 3 Dip the tea bag in a mug of hot water 1. Add the rosemary and sage each 1 tablespoon, leave overnight, and then strain. Shampoo and rinse your hair, once dry, spray had tea liquid to the hair until wet. Dry hair, and do not rinse. Do not let the skin. Use several times until the hair could be black again.

- Helps dry hair problem
For dry hair, overcome by rinsing your hair (after wash) with this solution: one liter of warm water and an ordinary tea bag.

- Dry boil
After the tea is boiled, attach a wet tea bag on the boil, after last night, there will boil dry without any pain at the moment you wake up the next day.

- Reduces pain in nipple from breastfeeding.
Not breastfeeding mothers rarely feel pain in her nipples. The fix is easy, dip the tea into hot water, then remove the bag and place into a container containing ice cubes. After that put the hurt on the nipple and let stand for several minutes.

- Reduce pain gums
Bleeding gums sore but it was not fun. Try to compress the wet tea bag soaked in cold water.

- Reduce infant pain from injections
After immunization, the baby would cry khan? Well, try wet tea bag, and the tutupkan injection scar. Hold gently until the tears subsided.

- Eliminate smelly feet
Remove the feet by soaking in a solution of tea. Make a strong tea solution by soaking a tea bag. Soak feet for 20 minutes, the smell of feet will disappear gradually.

- Use as a mouthwash
To reduce the toothache, kumurlah with peppermint tea mixed with salt tip of a spoon. Peppermint than relieve pain, also serves as an antiseptic.

- Clean wood furniture and floors
Excellent fresh tea to clean wood furniture and floors. Boil some tea bags in a quart of water and allow to cool. Use a soft cloth dipped in a solution, then wring it out, use a damp cloth to clean the furniture was. Drain and dry with a soft cloth.

- Cleaning the mirror
To clean the mirror, make a strong tea, let cool, and use to clean the mirror. Dampen a soft cloth with the tea before, and use to wipe the surface of the mirror. Then dry with a soft dry cloth.

- Strengthening roses
Sprinkle the tea that is used to plant your roses and flush as usual. Acidic tannins contained in tea is a very useful nutrients for the roses.


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